Top Style Trends For 2015

Whats in vogue this summer and well into 2015 for fashion? For one the 70s has returned, and there are nods to the military along with military influences on fashion this year. Contrast is more important this year when it comes to your fashion ensemble, with a healthy dose of mix and match. Lets go over the fashion trends as they stand now and take a look at where they are headed.


Once just the go to fabric for surfers, it has become mainstream and in style for this summer. You are going to be seeing Neoprene everywhere this summer, from bikinis to sun dresses.

Sheer Dresses

Everyone is embracing the sheer sexiness of sheer fabric dresses this year. At the Met Gala this year there was no less than 10 of these stunning numbers hitting the red carpet running.


While khaki has been around for over 40 years now, Khaki has made a huge fashion comeback this year. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has a line of sexy Khaki with subtle military like notes to it, while designer Ralph Lauren has made a line that is reminiscent of a safari straight out of Africa.

Hippie Bohemian
The hippie look, and more importantly the hippie chic look is set to make a massive comeback with a new age twist. New dresses are paying homage to this era featuring light fabric and long flowing style with colors and designs right out of the 70s. Designers embracing this trend include Alberta Ferretti, Claire Waight Keller and Etro.

Jumpsuits and Industrial Chic
Fashion is looking to big industry for its next fashion wave, one I do not mind riding, from sexy fighter pilot style jumpsuits to sci-fi style jump suits to technician style jumpsuits. Designers are adding fashion accessories to make these jumpsuits stand out, such as sexy leather belts, straps, scarves and jewelery. Expect to see plenty of these style outfits come fall 2015. Designers trending this fashion include Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Versace and Emilo Pucci.

Everything old becomes new again, so it is with Denim. Expect denim to make a sexy comeback this fall, where good girl by day meets temptress at night, sure of herself and what she wants and where she is going. Textured effects and slightly faded colors, and clean cuts make these new outfits stylish, conventional yet sexy at the same time. Designers jumping on this trend include Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Gucci, and Fendi.

Transparent Lace

Expect to see more dresses and outfits making ample use of the transparent properties of lace to make sexy yet tasteful fashion statements. These dresses and outfits are bound to invoke desire with delicate lace thinly veiling bare skin underneath. Designers making waves with this trend include Valentino, Chloe, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton.

Metallic Fabric

Some designers are making some rather stunning dresses and outfits that feature sexy metallic fabrics. Take for example the ultra mini one shoulder dress by Isabel Marant, to Hedi Slimane’s Shiny leopard dress. These outfits and dresses are fit for both the party, and the after party.

Retro Swimwear
Much like the other comebacks this year, the retro look has also invaded this years swimwear styles with ultra retro vibes. These swimsuits are merging fashion, retro chic and swimwear into one creation. high waist bottoms are meeting 60s style tops in hippie colors.